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Message from the Founder

As Salamu Alaikum


Dear Friends,


On behalf of the Dr. Shabaz Charity Group, we would like to wish you a very blessed belated Eid. I hope you had a wonderful Eid with your families and are staying safe during these unprecedented times.


Ramadan in the midst of a pandemic brought unique challenges but also provided opportunities to learn, reflect, and focus on a deeper connection with Allah SWT.


We are humbled by the strength, kindness and generosity so many of you have shown and that through Allah SWT, allowed us to deliver 3,700 Iftar Box meals to sisters and brothers throughout the entire month of Ramadan.


The Iftar Box project is just a first step as we embark on our mission to meet the evolving needs of our community. Stay tuned for upcoming projects!


May Allah (SWT) guide us and bless us to be the beacon of light for humanity, strive to impact the lives of others around us and stand together as one ummah. We hope you will join us on this journey!

Best Regards

Kausar Hussain

Iftar Box Journey

See how the team served the community during the month of Ramadan under these unprecedented times

Iftar Box Report

This Ramadan, Allah (SWT) blessed us with the opportunity to launch the Iftar Box Project. We were able to pack 3,700 Iftar Boxes and serve 1,850 families throughout the month of Ramadan. This was not an easy task, but with our amazing team of volunteers and their dedication we were able to complete this project successfully.

Iftar Box Featured in the Star Tribune

Muslim charities step up with Iftar meals, food boxes this Ramadan season

Every night around 6:30, the cars begin pulling into the parking lot of a Columbia Heights nonprofit. The folks inside are Muslims checking out a new Ramadan charity project spurred by the coronavirus: Iftar boxes to-go. Click the button below to read the story.

Spoken Word by Our Iftar Box Volunteer

Spare Change

By Hibah Hassan


Do you have any change to spare?

in cash or coins or compounded care

in choices and actions and hardened eyes 

For our dying earth and our violent crimes

and injustices by which we live and breathe 

even within our communities

to seek ease and comfort before the needs of the many

which are outweighed by the wants of any 

one person, one man

with selfish demands

for whom we break and bleed our land

and silence our women and steal from our poor 

and tidy our treasures behind locks on steel doors

as if worldly belongings should matter more 

than the change that we carry in our pockets at the store 

and the change kept unspent, that connects us heart to heart

like the universe itself, we are transforming in parts

to be better and stronger and let love guide our ways

to seek light in the dark, to find brighter days

to make sense of the world when we feel most alone

and build families from strangers in separate homes

because we carry the secrets of change in our bones

Despite our uncertainty, for things still unknown 

let our fury push us farther than ever before

and our pain be a guide that we use to find more

let’s be good tomorrow, to our earth and our friends

to the people we have yet to know and the loves that are at their ends 

from promise to promise, by oaths we can swear

tell me, do you have any change to spare?

Thank You!

Thank you to all of our supporters, sponsors, donors, and volunteers! Iftar Box would have not been possible without all of you!

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